Surprised to See the Floor Again

This is as tidy as my studio’s going to get in between my art projects. Continue reading Surprised to See the Floor Again


How to be a GREEN Artist

Green might not be every artist’s favourite colour, but with our planet being in the state it’s in because of destructive human practices, “green” should definitely underpin every artist’s environment and process. That being said, instead of preaching about eco-friendliness and saying words like “should” and “shouldn’t”, which nobody likes to hear, let me tell you a story… Plastic… UGH As an acrylic painter, my … Continue reading How to be a GREEN Artist

Modern Masters: Salvador Dali [VIDEO]

It seems to be documentary season here in my house. I found another fantastic art documentary on YouTube – this time about the king of surrealism, Salvador Dali. Feel free to watch it here to discover what a unique and authentic character he was – and always true to his art: What I particularly enjoyed was the presenter’s attempt to deconstruct Dali’s art… whereas the … Continue reading Modern Masters: Salvador Dali [VIDEO]