Look at This and Tell Me What You See

Shhh… a couple of weeks ago, I began a visual journal; intent on clearing out the creative cobwebs with sketches and mini abstract art and the like so that I don’t get too caught up in my entangled web of perfectionism.

It happens…

But what did I do? I started (see this dedicated Instagram here), then the perfectionism took over and now every time I get the urge to just splash something on the page, my left brain says: “But the idea is not amazing, so it’s not worth doing…”

Let’s hack perfectionism…

I’ve figured out a way to hack my pesky left brain: it’s the mega-cool colour splash of all colour splashes – THE RORSCHACH!

And it goes a little something like this:

Step 1
Set up blank page and choose a good colour range.
(Here I used the back of an old painting that just wasn’t going anywhere.)

Rautenbach Art Rorschach 1 Blank

Step 2
Apply colour splotches to your right brain’s content…

Rautenbach Art Rorschach 2 Paint On

Fold the paper in half and press down firmly to ensure maximum splottage spread.

Step 3
Aaaaand… unfold

Rautenbach Art Rorschach 3 Done

It’s also teaching me that art doesn’t have to mean anything. It can just be colourful and fun. And I need to get over myself.

Rautenbach Art Rorschach 04
So? What do you see?

What I love about this kind of exercise is looking up close at the randomness that happens when you fold the paper. It reaffirms the sense that we actually have no control and sometimes it’s important to just LET GO and let the creativity simply happen on its own. I mean… just look at the detail:

Rautenbach Art Rorschach Green Detail

This is awesome!

Rautenbach Art Rorschach Purple Detail

It’s as if the paint has a mind of its own…

Rautenbach Art Rorschach Red Detail

But seriously, what do you see in the main image?

I see a belligerent teddy bear with a hat…


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