An Italian Appreciation

The last couple of months have been a multi-tasker’s DREAM.

I am, however, not a multi-tasker, so I’m feeling a little like a headless chicken at the moment. What it’s meant for my latest commission is that I’ve had to steal precious moments in between LIFE EVENTS to paint, which has made it feel like this painting has taken forever.

So thank goodness for patient patrons 🙂

Rautenbach Art Rossi Ducati Painting

The last few details went onto the wood panel surface last night and I sat back and just smiled at how it can look all flat and wrong… until that final bit of effort is done – then it just pops.

What made this painting work WAS the process of working on it in dribs and drabs because I had plenty of opportunities to stand up and look properly at the progress – the colours, the shapes and the details – before continuing. There are always strange things that happen in the brain in between painting sessions and I really think that the stops and starts helped to get the painting to where it is.

One response I had to it was a very bewildered, “Is that a painting?” So to prove that it really is a painting and that impressionism can trick the eye, here are some details from the painting:

Rautenbach Art Detail 1

While the scribbled branding and blurred edges may seem hasty, I want to turn this impressionism into expressionism in my next attempts.

Rautenbach Art Detail 2

But for the time being, this was a real challenge, though a fun one at that.

Rautenbach Art Detail 3

It’s all just brushstrokes and observing colours correctly 😉

Rautenbach Art Detail 4

Rautenbach Art Detail 5

Rautenbach Art Rossi Painting 2

So here are some perspective photos of the wood panel that will bust those photographic illusions.

Rautenbach Art Rossi Painting 3

Rautenbach Art Rossi Painting 1

Valentino Rossi’s 2011/2012 seasons with Ducati were supposed to reflect the Italian “dream team”, but they didn’t go as planned… before this world champion rider went back to his beloved Yamaha in 2013. However, there is still something poetic about Italy’s pride (both the bike and the rider), which made me exceptionally proud to have been able to pull this off.

So grateful ❤


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