Surprised to See the Floor Again

Having been so busy with magazine production, a commission or two, and then my magnum opus (two weeks ago), it had been a good few months since I last saw my studio floor.

It’s been covered in scratch paper and water bottles, and in the meantime the dog’s pillow mysteriously migrated to just inside the studio door as well. I let the floor coverings accumulate, but then after I finished my last painting and did a writing project last week, I just had to press the reset button.

I removed (and recycled) the scratch paper and dusted and tidied up, then laid out my remaining paints on the floor to take stock of what I had left and decide where to from here.


I just love seeing all the colours together and, given the colourful nature of my last piece, I’m inspired to continue to use a broad palette range – it makes me happy.


This is as tidy as I’m going to get my workspace. I still need to put up shelves (hence the library accumulating on the left-hand trestle) and rearrange things. The studio of my future looks VASTLY different, but I’m super grateful for at least having the space in which to play.

Notice the theme?

Ah… studio floor. It won’t be long before it disappears again beneath more newspaper and paint and easels and mess.


I used to be embarrassed by the mess, especially if I was halfway through a project and the room was filled with organised chaos. But now I own it. Creativity is messy. It’s up to the artist to reshape that chaos into something organised and meaningful.

To me, that shaping and moulding and meaning-making happens on the canvas, so as long as that is pretty, then who cares about the mess?

Minimalism, shminimalism… let’s get creative!


4 thoughts on “Surprised to See the Floor Again

    1. Thanks 🙂 A year ago, I had a 1sqm space to work in, in my old lounge. Every day I feel blessed and grateful for my own “artdom” in which I get to work and play.


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