De Rust Christmas Market

As an artist, displaying my wares at a country market is almost like a mandatory rite of passage… especially for an “unknown” like me. I wouldn’t consider making bitty little things my bread and butter, but – for just a moment – it was a fun exercise in conveyor-belting: setting up the dining room table with newspaper and working on little things from one end to the other. From painting, designing, and layering, to lettering, and finally… varnishing.

And the whole time, all I really wanted to be doing was painting the large canvases waiting for me in the studio.

With no space for regrets, let’s celebrate some of the things I made:

Keyrings with sacred geometry on the front:

…and inspirational messages on the back.

This pretty apt little number on the front (it’s an artist’s palette, if that’s not obvious)…

…and this popular saying on the back.

This “art in a box”: a set of 6 coasters, making up one painting. This was the first time I’d ever painted an ostrich… not bad.

And here’s the ostrich eggshell-coloured box the coasters come in.

From one end of my table… here’s all my goodies:

…and from the other end.

The weather forecast had threatened my market endeavours with rain, so I covered each item individually in plastic. Carefully unwrapping about four or five of my large canvases, I used all that plastic – cutting it to size and taping everything up so that if the heavens did open up, nothing would get damaged. AND it satisfied my propensity to not simply throw plastic away unnecessarily. I hate wastage.

Here are all my goodies, packed up and ready to go:

So, folks, here it is: my first ever market display.

I made some new friends, had a good chat with a few people, and there was a lot of interest in potential commissions for animal portraiture… thanks to the beautiful drawcard to my left – Russia’s enchanting face.

My art is a little expensive for a country market, I’ll admit… even though I dropped some of my prices specifically for the day. Honestly, I wasn’t comfortable with “giving away” my work so I’m a bit relieved that I only made one or two small sales, while still showing up and putting all my colour on display πŸ™‚ Back at home over the weekend I made a couple more sales via this wonderful platform called the internet, but I really did enjoy the experience of the market and will definitely do it again, just with a different strategy.

Watch this space…


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