Big Bite, Little Painting

As I get the hang of discerning light from shadow with defined blocks of colour, so the boldness of colour choice develops too. This has been no more evident than in a little 20cm x 20cm piece I completed last week.

Here are the basic steps:


Base colours from the Heritage Craft Acrylic range used here include:

  • Background: Black and Grey
  • Face: Flesh, Golden Brown, Burnt Umber. Coral Pink for the glow of the apple on the skin
  • Apple: Chilli Red and Mars Red
  • Hand: Golden, Chocolate, Flesh
  • Shirt: Carnation Pink, Battleship Grey, White



By the second layer, I was feeling a bit meh about the painting because the colours weren’t blending properly and it was making me fed up. However, the general rule with acrylics in the summer is that they dry incredibly fast (and I wasn’t using an acrylic retardant)… BUT, the other rule is: if you can’t blend it, then layer it. The primed supawood surface was amazing to paint on, so I made the most of a potentially disastrous situation and continued to layer the colours.


What ended up happening was this: the opaque colours gave me beautiful highlighting while the more transparent browns and golden shades made the shadows somewhat glowy.

Now I love it 🙂 And I had a lot of great feedback when she was on display at the market on Friday.


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