Little Sugar Mouth

In July this year, the Little Karoo was surprisingly full of floral splendour (I’m not used to a winter rainfall, you see) and the sunbirds were out in full force. While friendly, they were by no means tame, but there was one little pair that always popped in to the “aloe buffet” in my back garden. I would try to get close enough to photograph them, but the best I could do was a horribly pixelated zoomed-in capture. No worries… I could just paint it.

This is thus the result of a few months of mulling and a couple of afternoons of painting.

“Little sugar mouth” is the direct translation from the Afrikaans: Suikerbekkie – the name of the painting as well as the name of the colourful and songful little bird.


I hope he made you smile 🙂


Up close my brushstrokes feel big and lumbering compared to what his little feathers should look like.



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