Facing up to it

I often look at artists who do expressionist portraits and think, They make that look so easy! and then I prime up a piece of cardboard and try to do it the way I think it should be done… and it’s not. It’s hard.

But, on the upside, there’s a bittersweet kind of magic that happens on the cardboard:

  1. Since it’s not a canvas, I am not scared to experiment and take the risk that I might ‘waste’ it or the paint. (Forgive me and my perfectionist brain… I am trying to beat it.)
  2. With that kind of freedom from risk, I find myself being a lot more expressive… and with all the practice I’ve been getting, my expressiveness has turned into something quite wonderful.

I have been borrowing friends’ faces from my Facebook timeline for portrait experiments and these were the first two that got done (in rather quick succession). There are others who don’t know that their faces might be next in line… but they’ll find out soon enough πŸ˜‰


Acrylic on A2 cardboard. Ryno described himself as “looking badass”. That’s what I would deem a successful experiment! πŸ˜€


Speaking of bittersweet – I really wish I had done this portrait, “Queen of Colour” on a proper canvas so that it would be sellable and ready-to-hang. However, this has given me the confidence (courage, more like it) to let go a little more when I do get to my next portrait on canvas. Also acrylic on A2 cardboard.

I published the step-by-step on my Facebook art page here. Check it out. If you happen to go there and browse a bit, give us a Like, eh? I have been posting a lot more on my page than on this blog (sorry!).

Very happy with these two paintings, done during a rather tumultuous time. Who needs therapy when you’ve got art, right?


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