Winter Bee in the Little Karoo

Since moving from Johannesburg to the Little Karoo, my eye for art has definitely changed and I find myself (more often than not) strolling through the garden looking for interesting things to photograph.

I don’t have a fancy camera, but my LG G4’s back camera gets the job done. I use natural lighting – preferably late afternoon when the bright sun turns shadows into vivid pockets of colour – and find angles and compositions that appeal to me. The phone can’t do macro shots as close as I’d like, but I get as close to the flowers, caterpillars, bees and birds as I can and tap away on the screen.

Turning the photos into art with some acrylic paint on a canvas is challenging, but it’s fun because of how much I can now appreciate nature at work.

Here’s an acrylic-rendered product of one of those bright afternoon shots 🙂


For those of you interested in my “drawing-blood-from-a-stone” process, here are the steps…









These were some really stunning colours to work with and I had fun working with a palette that is bright and complementary:


It’s probably time for some new paintbrushes, though… look at all that duct tape!


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