Monochrome tendencies

After being silent on the art front for 6 – 8 weeks (I am also a language editor, you see), I returned to my art desk in early October with completely monochromatic projects, which all needed to be sent off asap.

This Assassin’s Creed piece I’d started a year ago, but just never got around to completing it (though I thought I had…). It was sent off as a set with another monochrome piece. And for the simplicity of this painting, it was actually quite detailed and intricate to complete (especially a year after having started it).


The Bunnies!
Then, whileΒ  not high art, I had the MOST fun with these three wabbits, which were painted as a set, but to be used as “filler” on a wall that is FILLED with art (including this piece).

While they look quite flat, the backgrounds are very textured and the paintings were varnished – trying to get the effect of a textile product rather than an art piece. This photo might lend some insight… (yes, on the carpet)


Neil Gaiman… or is it?
There are very few instances in which I will give art away, but if I do, it’s not “for free”. I had to say a massive thank you to my friend (for various reasons and not “only” for being a constant cheerleader and for supporting my art career) and because she is such a huge Neil Gaiman fan – and because I wanted to try something out in black and white paint – I decided to do this portrait for her.

Does it look like Neil? I don’t know if it looks like him… I tried.

They say a picture says a thousand words; well this one says “thank you” 500 times over πŸ˜‰

Neil Gaiman portrait

Last words…
There are few things more satisfying than completing a painting, but one of those things is THIS MOMENT:

… when I get to wrap up and send art off. There’s an “art purge” that happens when I send art away, but the real happiness lies in the fact that the next time these artworks are exposed to light, they will be met with an emotional response that is second to none.

Art is magic when it gets people to feel emotions that words can’t describe…



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