Buddha, how’d you get so blue?

The process of painting a Buddha isn’t simply splash some paint on and do some techniques – it’s quite meditative for me. I’ve painted and drawn a few Buddhas in the last year or two (scroll down), and I’m likely to do some more. Not so much for the outcome, but for the process…

Moving – not just to a different house, but to a new province and entirely new surroundings – was hectic; a lot more mental upheaval than I expected, even though I was really looking forward to such a big change.

It took a ton of emotional energy to get back into painting again (even though I now have a dedicated studio space – yay), so because I was struggling a bit, I decided to experiment and try to paint ‘unconscious’ (no, it had nothing to do with inebriation).

I took an old half-finished painting that wasn’t going anywhere, sketched in the Buddha outlines and then randomly chose two colours and painted over the canvas.

Like this:

Heritage Craft Acrylic Paint

To make sure I wasn’t too mentally invested, I played an audiobook, turned it up loud and then let something else choose the colours, technique and ultimate style of the painting. It took three or four sessions of completely letting go –

  • not being too finnicky about the messy brush strokes
  • not being too worried about the weird colour combination
  • not fussing over details or going back and painting over what just came out naturally

And more positively –

  • enjoying the process of letting go
  • seeing what happens when I’m not entirely in control of the artistic process
  • consciously experiencing the proper peace of painting
  • appreciating that expression (and not perfection) is the goal of being creative


Buddha Rautenbach Art

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but the fact that Mr Rautenbach wanted to hang it up immediately was a great outcome for me πŸ™‚

The paintings that followed this one are proof that artists can benefit from a creative purge from time to time. I’ll post some new paintings before the end of the week – Follow and watch this space!

In the meantime, here are some more Buddhas:

2014 Buddha Rautenbach Art

Just a basic sketch with the Flower of Life


2015 Buddha pink Rautenbach Art
Commission of a painting rendered from an odd little digital picture


Heritage Craft Acrylic Paint
One of hubby’s other paintings


Heritage Craft Acrylic Paint
Commission from January 2015


2015 Buddha small
A gift to help heal a sick friend πŸ™‚

[Link to the process]

NamastΓ©, painter.


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