Heritage Craft Acrylic Paint

Funnily enough, her name is Frida

I did this rat study – my first time painting on MDF board and I loved it – and was just going to prop it up in my studio… that was until the rat’s mom saw it and had to have it.

Heritage Craft Acrylic Paint
Acrylic on MDF board

I sent it home to Mama Rat and she posted the most beautiful response to it; a response that was a helpful reminder as to why art is not just art for me, but rather my purpose, my fulfilment, and is the most meaningful thing I could be doing with my time right now.

Along with this photo, see the inscription below:


This is my soul mate Frida. She has been sick so I said to her yesterday morning that I wish more than anything we could be in each others lives forever. They have tiny little life spans and it kills me.

Today the beautiful painting Cole did of her – as a surprise – was delivered to me. I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy about an artwork and now Frida can live forever.

This kind of feedback is very heartwarming and motivating, and the reason I love painting for others.


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