“Paint me like your Frenchman”

There’s nothing quite like the self-imposed pressure of painting a friend’s motorcycle, nevermind also needing to get as close a likeness as possible on the portrait side of things – for 2 reasons: He’s a bodybuilder … #aesthete He’s a bodybuilder and can lift things and break things So in my quest to build up my own portfolio of paintings and to upskill, I pulled … Continue reading “Paint me like your Frenchman”

Spirit animals and Zodiac dreams

I had promised this painting to my father- and stepmother-in-law (yes, that’s a thing) about two years ago. It started off as a different composition entirely, but the concept for the painting was their Zodiac signs depicted as animals. The original design just didn’t sit well with me, so it got put on the back-burner. Until further notice (I hate those words… though they have … Continue reading Spirit animals and Zodiac dreams

Heritage Craft Acrylic Paint

Doggy portraits galore!

*crickets* I know, right. Quiet. But quiet has been the order my life as I have moved from the bright lights (unless there’s loadshedding) and barbed wire of Johannesburg, to a really small and quiet village, the name of which quite literally means “to rest”. Having spent most of last year doing superhero and comic book character commissions, I have diversified my portfolio and earlier … Continue reading Doggy portraits galore!