Heritage Craft Acrylic Paint

Colouring in… Lego Superheroes

Colouring in books are all the rage at the moment, but I can’t quite get into them because I need something more than mandalas and aquariums to transport my mind into a so-called meditative state. So I tried some DC and Marvel to take me there…

Soon-to-be geek parents requested this piece from me and I enjoyed the variety of colour available across all the different characters. Here’s the step-by-step process of “colouring in” šŸ˜‰

1. First, Sunshine Yellow (Heritage Craft Acrylic… who else??) to lend a warmth to the otherwise grey background.

Heritage Craft Acrylic Paint

2. Instead of just painting slabs of grey, the yellow does actually lend itself nicely to bringing those monochromes alive.

Heritage Craft Acrylic Paint

3. More background… with some sky.

Heritage Craft Acrylic Paint

4. Now for the fun part: bringing some blazing colour into the mix. Here, Cherry Red with a mild mix of Mars Red on Cap’s shield; as well as Sky Blue, Mod Blue and Baltic Blue, with Shell Pink and Flesh forming the base coat for the skin.

Heritage Craft Acrylic Paint

5. On the third panel, Cherry Red and Mars Red once again bring Spiderman to life, with the same combination of blues. Iron Man, however, is coloured by reds as well as Yellow Ochre and Sunshine Yellow.

Heritage Craft Acrylic Paint

6. Now… the middle panel, at this stage, is proof that when you’re having too much fun and not concentrating, you will upset the purists… At least we know what colour The Hulk is under all that green…

Batman is a combination of Black, Charcoal, Grey, Battleship Grey, with Sunshine Yellow and Yellow Ochre.

Heritage Craft Acrylic Paint

7. Sorry, Hulk fans, let me make it up to you…

These Heritage Craft Acrylic colours are super vibrant. I love working with them.

Heritage Craft Acrylic Paint

8. With no studio (yet), I ended up completing this piece at the foot of my bed. It was coming together really well, all while I was dreaming of a beautiful studio space and how organised and efficient my process will become when that happens… one day…

Heritage Craft Acrylic Paint

9. Can you imagine being the kid that grows up with this kind of wall art…?

Heritage Craft Acrylic Paint

Very chuffed with this piece šŸ˜€


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