Heritage Craft Acrylic

50 Shades of Grey Wolf

As a tribute piece, I was honestly quite nervous of stuffing this one up… but there’s nothing quite like a whole lot of layers to hide the flaws.

I didn’t exactly use all 50 shades of grey, but came quite close to it in these hues of Heritage Craft Arylic:

  • Black
  • Charcoal
  • Grey
  • Battleship Grey
  • Mushroom
  • Gull Grey
  • White

Layering isn’t exactly a forte of mine, but there’s always room to experiment and play, so here goes…

1. Very rough undercoat with Gull Grey.

Heritage Craft Acrylic

2. Laying background and shadows. What’s not obvious in the photos is how textured that black background actually is. In real life, it makes for some nice subtleties between the background and the wolf.

Heritage Craft Acrylic

3. Dark undertones next with Grey.

Heritage Craft Acrylic

4. Having not painted furry animals before, I tested my skills on the ear first, then started layering the rest of the fur. Here, I used Battleship Grey and Gull Grey, while trying to perfect the texture…

Heritage Craft Acrylic

5. At this point, it was getting tedious and I wasn’t too sure what I was doing. I just started going over everything with that Gull Grey colour, which is a nice soft grey. It was time to start thinking cleverly about this…

Heritage Craft Acrylic

6. I decided to paint the eye in. As soon as the eyes (of any subject matter) go in, the figure always looks a little more lifelike, which motivates me to get the rest of the image more lifelike. Right about now, I was about 4 or 5 layers deep…

Heritage Craft Acrylic

7. The Mushroom colour lends a very subtle sepia tone to the image, so I slathered quite a lot of that on… and finally we’re getting somewhere! I also added some of the white highlights, which gave the wolf a lot of depth. I took this photo to show the awesome effect…

Heritage Craft Acrylic

8. That’s more like it…

Heritage Craft Acrylic

9. Now just for some whiskers and tidying up around the eye.

Heritage Craft Acrylic

10. Finished!

Heritage Craft Acrylic

11. His Mom has already added him to her rather eclectic art collection and he’s got a prized place at the top of the stairs. Another happy customer!

Wolf hanging


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