The best time to art is when you’re afraid

I’ve just come back from a much-needed hiatus from everything art, commissions, city life, and freelance work. After a watershed, it’s tough to jump-start a routine again, so I figured I’d start small: with an art quote.

I’ve had this pencil sketch lying around for a while, so since the drudge-work was already done (I’m not a fan of the blank page), I figured I’d simply paint it. Mentally, the process presented the kind of challenge akin to a piece of cling-wrap being stuck to the page… colouring just wasn’t going to happen…

Not if my creative block had anything to do with it.

So I produced a practice sketch – no big deal:

Practice sketch

This little creative purge was the felt-tip pen equivalent to plunging the drain. After the muck came out (really gross, I know) I was sort of able to start colouring the original sketch… this time with Aquarell pencils:


While I enjoy the process of turning pencil to paint, I still need lots of practice on my technique… but that can wait for another day. To solve today’s problem, I went mixed media and added some ballpoint pen. This was me getting creative on Instagram… although that is real sunlight:

Quote art

This is the quote I had originally wanted to illustrate – integrated quite creatively into the image, if I do say so myself:

Everything you can imagine is real

While I have little to no trouble getting commissions done, original artwork is another kettle of swordfish – something I’m going to have to tackle one ragged tooth at a time.

Yes, I was afraid, but at least I was productive…


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