Heritage Craft Paint

4 Shades of Les Twins

Les Twins – the collective name for French twins, Larry and Laurent Bourgeois – are the dancing duo who have spent the last 7 years in the international spotlight, setting a new bar for modern dance.

Here’s a sample of what they do. Sit, watch, enjoy:

“So, what about the art?” you ask.

The brothers Bourgeois are also both 6ft 4in tall with an established modelling repertoire under their belts… so it’s not all that surprising that I discovered my penchant for portraits late in 2014 with this piece:

Heritage Craft Paint
Acrylic paint on A2 canvas sheeting

I am still working on my light and shadow skills, so what better way to force myself into that mindset than by only using shades of grey? I used Heritage Craft Acrylic paint in shades of Black, Grey, Dove Grey and White.

It worked well, but something was a little off…

In April this year, I tried another one, but this time on paper… and discovered the problem. The Dove Grey is a little bit too light. Still, though… it’s worth a look.

Heritage Craft Acrylic
Acrylic paint on A3 paper

Heritage Craft Acrylic comes in so many shades of grey, each with their own nuances,Β  but the colour I need for these portraits needs to be mixed and perfected from within the range.

I’ll get there…

Ballpoint pen on paper
Ballpoint pen on paper

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